Welcome to MapleBC

Based on a simple philosphy – to be thoughtful, responsible and sustainable, Maple BC cares about you. Our vision from the very beginning has been to make the world a better place.


We believe that one small step can change the world, save the enviroment, and we are a reflection of the same. Our deep sense of responsibility towards the environment motivated our initial steps.


We use Natural Earth & Ocher Pigments in a variety of traditional shades.

As an apparel expert we constantly keep up with the ever-changing fashion & keep environment as important criteria with manufacturers to give best of clothing such as – Organic Cotton, Recycle Cotton, Recycle Polyester and Natural dyed products.


We focus that our manufacturing partners are certified with international bodies such as WRAP / Oeko Tex / BSCI / Sedex / Gots


We stand out among others with our policy of delivering within the committed time frames and this has fetched us respected clients.


I'M Always drooling over great design, from fashion to furniture.

Organic Clothing
We have a visionary use of natural materials – and a continued focus on ethical production

Eco Friendly Fashion
We understand our responsibility and we constantly search for better innovation and making Eco Friendly Fashion

Sustainable Ethical Fashion
We always focus on quality, using materials and finishes that are made to last as well as being kind to the environment.

Mineral Dye
Our garment dyeing inventory of Natural mineral Earth and Ocher Pigments

Toxic Clothing? Every Parent Should Hear This

Our Blog Posts

Here are some of our recent blogs about Natural and Organic Clothing Benefits

April 16, 2022

Cotton is a staple material of the fashion industry, representing about one third of the fibre used to produce clothes and other textiles worldwide. As consumers’ awareness of sustainability increases, so does the popularity of the material. Many believe to be making an eco-friendly choice when buying clothing made from cotton – after all, it’s […]

March 21, 2022

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March 15, 2019

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